Breathe through your chakras meditation

Many times the Lights I talked to, reminded us the importance of breathing! Science and the entire world in the past two years are now very conscious of breathing. Especially through mindful breathing. When you breathe consciously, you automatically get into the present time, in the NOW. If you do that few times a day,Continue reading “Breathe through your chakras meditation”

Free grounding and healing meditation

“Grounding meditation, connection to your heart and anchoring of safety, inner strength and talking about the Beyond Science book and the Lights I talked to“ Free webinar on the 21st of December 2020 at 15pm London time for 1 hour via zoom link. Any questions regarding the Lights in the book and who what youContinue reading “Free grounding and healing meditation”

Books from this author/therapist

Beyond Science I, II and III Ariami Marpisa To see and buy any of the books from amazon click here Buy my books either from the publisher Austin Macauley directly by clicking here or by clicking here  © copyright Ariami Marpisa author of Beyond Science I, II & III

Messages from the Books Beyond Science By Ariami Marpisa

Some of the messages from the Lights (Angels and energetic high beings, part of God help) in the books that I wrote: This is regarding the emotions of Fear that Rose was having at that time(taken from pg. 135 Beyond Science II by Ariami Marpisa): I said, “I know we do have a lot ofContinue reading “Messages from the Books Beyond Science By Ariami Marpisa”