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This website will close in October 2022, if you still would like to follow me go on beyondscience Ariami Marpisa Instantgram and facebook. I will post things there. Click on amazon to buy the books or Austin Macawley for the second one if you want to understand that we are never alone and we alwaysContinue reading “Follow me on facebook and instantgram”

When you stop being desperate for love and start being worthy of love things changes

In one of the last sessions One of the Lights mentioned the following. That when you stop saying: “I need love, I need to be loved. You will see differently, when you will stop saying that. You will need that love; you will understand your feelings. You are underestimated yourself for your life. For yourContinue reading “When you stop being desperate for love and start being worthy of love things changes”

Deep Healing within

Since I connected to the serpent constellation of Asclepius the Greek God of extra-ordinary healing with staff similar to the cadeuceus but with only one snake, which is the one of healing, and the other one with two snakes is for commercial use. I thought I had done a lot of healing but its seemsContinue reading “Deep Healing within”

Breath of Life cycle

In one of the sessions with Rose, being lucky meant that your thoughts were positive at all times. The White Light plaster that was putting a white Light on us or on Rose bones, explained that only few people would get it, as it is hard to say no to things. Only when you sayContinue reading “Breath of Life cycle”

Beautiful golden Light door past visions

The vision painted above for the book “where the heart is” was one that I had when I was doing the soul expansion course. This was in one of my dreams and the door of entering was Golden Light and Arched. After the meditation by Diana Cooper last night, I now understand that I wasContinue reading “Beautiful golden Light door past visions”

Freezing cold during sessions is healing from the White Lights!

Sentence taken from “Beyond Science II” pg 61. During this session Rose mentioned, like any other of my clients when they are healing the following: “I am very cold, freezing cold. It is black ice. It is really hard. I do not know how to explain how hard this is. I can see a lotContinue reading “Freezing cold during sessions is healing from the White Lights!”

Astra-travelling, how do you know if you do!

I have been astral travelling since the age of 5. I was mainly doing that at night, as during the day, I was grounded by life itself. I did not know that I was doing that, till 10 years ago, when I started my course in cranioscral therapy and I could see myself and otherContinue reading “Astra-travelling, how do you know if you do!”

How things energetically developed in July/August 2020

How things develop for the past month or so. Well after my dream that I saw myself having my feet in the clear sea, I managed to book my trip to Italy to see my family. I saw them, and life there seems to be back to normal, apart for the hand gels in everyContinue reading “How things energetically developed in July/August 2020”

Beyond Science first book second edition printed on the 1st of September 2020

Beyond Science I, published by Zeus-publications sadly the publisher seem to have closed. This book for now is available only by second hand bookshop who had it in store. Very precious and one of the kind. I will print it in amazon kdp from the 1st of September 2020 with little gems. I am thankfulContinue reading “Beyond Science first book second edition printed on the 1st of September 2020”

Ariami Marpisa tree of life; made at the beginning of 2019

This tree of life came to me in 2019. I asked Coleen Self to draw it for me then. It is now part of the 3rd Book Beyond Science. That what I saw people needed to know then and now here we are! If you have not read yet the full message from the LightContinue reading “Ariami Marpisa tree of life; made at the beginning of 2019”