Astra-travelling, how do you know if you do!

I have been astral travelling since the age of 5. I was mainly doing that at night, as during the day, I was grounded by life itself. I did not know that I was doing that, till 10 years ago, when I started my course in cranioscral therapy and I could see myself and other energy sources, during my dreams. In order for me to know for sure, I went to my a recommended healer and she confirmed that I was doing that. I had no idea what astral travelling was and why I was doing that. My healer said that most people would love to know how to do it and use it in their advantage. For me it was the reason I felt so exhausted and tired in the morning, no matter how well I used to eat and how many supplements I would get. So in reality, I did not see it as a blessing. It took me few years to master the skill of grounding in the morning and more daytime and to stay grounded at night. Most people, including me, do astral travel in their sleep, when they are dealing with strong emotions and feelings, or even trauma from the past.

In our sessions with Rose, we had lots of astra travelling people, who would just wonder in curiosity and with the hope of getting some help in some way. That was the time that I did not know they could do that and before I learned to put a protection around us when we worked.

How do you know that you astral travel when you sleep? well it is quite simple, ask yourself?

Do you feel tired in the morning, even when you had more than 8 hours sleep?

Do you know and checked that you are fine physically, and nothing is wrong with you?

Do you have very vivid dreams that you feel that you are there, present, and you do not know the people in there or where you are?

Well if that answer to the above is a yes, you are definitely astral travelling. Now even though for many people is considered good, you do need to know where you go to and you need to ground in order for you to live a life on earth. Most of the people who astral travel seems to have a very chaotic life and attract negative things if they do not know where they go at night.

Read my three books where I mention my own dreams and astral travelling and one thing that helped me a lot is saying that I only travel in higher planes, my guide needs to be with me at all times and if possible wake me up if I go out of my body or even room.

During the day, I make sure that I ground. Now the reason it took me a while to manage to ground is that I had to heal my past, learn how to deal with my own emotions and feelings, and learn to let go of my clients emotions and feelings as well when I work. All this is essential for you to be grounded, to live your life well and connected to all your bodies and be on a positive life and learning for yourself!

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Breathe through your chakras meditation

Many times the Lights I talked to, reminded us the importance of breathing! Science and the entire world in the past two years are now very conscious of breathing. Especially through mindful breathing. When you breathe consciously, you automatically get into the present time, in the NOW. If you do that few times a day, or when you are at the most stressed, or running around, or even in your head all the time, that is the time that you need to breathe. Below there are two links to breathing consciously, and breathing through your chakras. Do the breathing consciously first for few weeks before you go for breathing through the chakras as that will start your way of breathing that might be different through how you breathe now. Especially if you naturally breathe in a shallow way or raising your shoulder and chest all the time!

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click here for the chakras breathing meditation

Beyond Science I, II and III Ariami Marpisa

picture1 byond science ii
Beyond Science II, healing yourself, healing your children, healing the world

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Go with the flow of life!

We have all been through some challenging time this year, some more than others. I know that by May 2021 things will start getting better in Europe and I also know that some other countries might still be through a tough time. We all know that life as we have known till last year for the past 80 years, has changed. Things will be different from now on. Most of us are going to be awake, aware and conscious of who we are, what we do and how we connect to the rest of the world. There will be a willingness to really do what we want to do in life and live our lives how we would like to live it. With more life and flow to it.

One of the Lights in one of the sessions with Rose said that is good to go with the flow of life, or specifically with the river of life!

Other Lights said that it takes time to implement a permanent positive changes, we need to trust the process and go with the flow with hope and positive thinking.

A Light also mentioned that the most important thing to do for the human race is to know their own feelings and deal with them in an appropriate way. Each and every emotion and feeling has got its own energy. They are all valid and essential for life in our human form. The most dense energies are the anger, sadness and pain, and the most dangerous and essential emotion to deal with is the emotional fears that we have been conditioned to have, even through what we read and what we watch, as well as where we live and how we live!

Anger sometimes is ok to have, it depends how we process that anger, if we hurt ourselves or others, that process is not right, and if we deal with it in an appropriate manner, without hurting ourselves or others, then the process will free us. Usually under the anger, there is a need that has not been met, and hence we need to get within us and understand what is the need that has not been met. Whatever that is.

In many of our sessions we had the Ambassador of transformation of feelings and emotions. This beautiful Light essence was incredible to talk to, like many of the other Light essence. You can read more about the Lights and their messages for the past 10 years in my three books “Beyond Science I (2nd ed), and the journey begins; II healing ourselves, healing our children, healing our world; III the Lights I talked to.

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Beyond Science I, II and III Ariami Marpisa

picture1 byond science ii
Beyond Science II, healing yourself, healing your children, healing the world

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Green and White orb

Green and White orb in nature

Lately I have been taking more and more pictures, just to connect with nature more. Some of the pictures have amazing orbs. Some have complete green orb, others white orbs and this one, which has been around for a while, green and white orb. The orbs are Light frequency of the Angel or Lights of healing. Usually you find them around nature and also in some people. I have seen a beautiful white orb around a friend daughter, two months before she gave birth to her beautiful daughter. I knew then that something was going to on. This make me wonder if we took picture of people before they get pregnant, the Light of the baby soul will be there already!

My other curiosity lately, and having had the experience with Rose channelling the Lights and also the souls of some astra-travelling people, who might not be aware that part of their soul was separated, they would know only through their dream state and if they remembered their dream. As lately I have been remembering my dreams in a different way, some were clear premonition of what would happen in my life in the next few days, and others seem to be a different life, in a different parallel world, which for some of the people who astral-travels might be real enough. Usually people who astra travel by themselves might have had trauma as children, or adults and so part of their soul might be detached from them quite often. What my sense and inner knowing felt in the past few days in particular, after my own healing session, and having an earthing mat all night to stay grounded, I saw myself living on a parallel life, where my parents were there, or a speck of their soul and my sister was there. I was also with a child there and some people I do not in my present life. That world though was a bit dark, hence my thinking that that part of my soul, went there to escape the reality of my childhood or teenager time, and hence lived there. Now that I am getting more consciously grounded with an earth mat, I might be reclaiming that part of the soul that lived somewhere else, and asking them to come back to me, so claiming my power back and fully integrated in this present life, at this time and age, with my present awareness. Now this will be alien in some way for many people, as not everyone will be astra-travelling, only the ones that separated from their soul for one reason or another. And even for them, they might never know for sure, till they heal the past, or their trauma, as that would be too challenging to know!

I think if that is the case, is also a way for us as humans and for our soul, to maybe survive a world that is full of tragedy, trauma!

I know though that this world has also got lots of beautiful and wonderful people that have lots of love and understanding!

If you want to understand more of what I am talking about, read one of my three books “Beyond Science I, II and III, find them on amazon, they are messages and insight of our life and what drives our lives to a path of positivity or drama!

The messages are passed on and voiced by Rose through her voice box, the Lights channel through me; I function as an antenna and Rose is the Radio or TV that shows the scene and transmits it through!

Ariami Marpisa author of Beyond Science, I, II and II, and Where the Heart is. Find them on or .com

Gone through the virus and I know I had help for it

I managed to go through the year without catching the virus, I suppose if you do have children is inevitable. I actually wanted to catch it over Christmas if I had to, and guess what? I got my wish true. So watch for what you wish for. Now young people, get it through like a cold, or even less, but at my age, even with all my health, it was harder. Not in symptoms as such, but in duration and getting my life force energy within me out. After the 7th day, I felt a switch had been turn off and there was no energy flowing through me. I could not do anything myself, as I was out. So, I prayed and asked the Lights to help with my healing. I asked Archangel Michael, and Archangel Raphael, and any of the White Light that helped me in my sessions during the past 10 years to get my vitality back. I got it, and I am so grateful for their help. Even with moderate symptoms, it is essential that you ask for help. I did use nutritional supplements as well to pick my body up, especially multivitamin, probiotics as my stomach was affected and my taste. But is the spark of Life that went that scared me most! I felt that I had a lot more to do, and I wonder if my soul split a bit and hence could not get back. I feel more of myself again and I understand how for elderly person and a more vulnerable person, where that spark goes, it would be very hard to get it back again, unless they know what to ask or their immune system can fight it. I also understand if you are alone, the choice of staying or going might be easier made for some elderly people! If you do anything this year, where ever in the world you are, be compassionate with your elderly and help the people who actually got it and are alone, and cannot get helped, even if it is cooking for them or doing their shopping.

I know that things are getting better and my the summer people will start travelling again, I know that the Lights mentioned that and we need to have faith, and let fate also do what it needs to do! Let things come to you this year and see what happens!

With blessing for everyone for this year 2021, make the change of your lifetime, make this life count and do what you want to do in life, be yourself! love yourself, and others, we are all the same in this world and from what I know, from other worlds too! Rise your frequency a bit higher this year!

© Ariami Marpisa author of Beyond Science I, II and III

21.12.20 Grounding and Healing audio

Just as we have approached the 21.12.20 when Saturn and Jupiter get so close together that resemble a unique star. This is thought to be the Star of Bethlem that the three wise man followed to get to Master Jesus birth. I hope that you enjoy the free audio meditation and you can listen to them everyday from now on. I wish everyone the best beginning of 2021 and if anything end and start your 2021 with connecting to your heart with any decisions that you make.

Below the grounding meditation for you to download and listen from the 21.12.20

Grounding meditation

Below is the audio for the Lights healing and clearing from the 21.12.20

Waterfall of Lights meditation for clearing and healing

Best wishes to all! from Ariami Marpisa and the Lights who are within you and around you at all times, remember to ask for help when in need for anything that needs help and only for you highest good and the highest good of others!

Copyrights Ariami Marpisa heart connection. The heart is the Key to healing yourself

copyrights Ariami Marpisa author of Beyond Science I, II & III, and “where the heart is”

What is your path for the new year?

In the last session, I was reminded of FATE, that you need to have faith in fate as well as doing your own work. Quite often FATE is what takes you to another level. In a journey that you have not thought would be possible. And patience is what you need when you allow FATE to take place!

I was reminded of how I became a therapist and that 29 years ago, when I started my journey on the therapist path, I did not even question where I was going somethings, I just followed what I felt I knew I had to do. Here is my journey as a therapist, and for many reasons, like anybody else, this year, I was doubted that FATE would bring me into the next step in my journey. Myself and Rose were reminded of that in early December 2020, in our channelling session. FATE and FAITH in the Universal Lights, GOD, infinite Source, Buddha and all the creed that you would like to add, that are of pure Light essence and of the higher frequency. I know that many are waiting for the 21.12.20 where Saturn and Jupiter will be in conjunction with each other, and that is believed to be the Star of Bethlem, which is the STAR that the wise men followed to get to Baby Jesus birth. I know that on that day, a lot of more Lights and connection will be at its highest. Connect only to the purest and brightest Star, and add a sphere of protection with a Royal Blue Ribbon around the sphere, from Archangel Michael for your own protection! Ground to the earth and the 5th dimension afterwards and connect to the beautiful things that life can bring!

Here is my journey to now with fate bringing its magic into my path:

When I started about 29 years ago in my journey as a therapist, I did know where I was going! All the courses that I did, came to me easily, without much effort. I studied and become and Sport Massage therapist first. Then my Nutritional Degree course was planned by the Universal forces in some way, I got in and I still do not remember how I got to know where interviews for the complementary therapy at University of Westminster were held. Somebody told me. I was going to do the physical complementary course, and instead the Nutritional Therapy course started instead and I got on that course. I loved it, as I grew up in an Italian countryside, the thought of suggesting people to eat healthy so that they would get better would exit me and bring pride as well. After about few years I was encountering a lot of people with allergies and even though avoiding them was the only solution at that time, I was thinking there must be another way. I did a homeopathic course then, and even though it was a great help, I felt it was not enough. Then a client of mine mentioned NAET method to reduce or even eliminate some of the body system over reaction. I looked into it and I thought, that is great, I want to do this. I used NAET method on many people, including babies and children, for the overreaction to food and hay fever and the results were amazing, according to my client’s response and feedback. That was more than 14 years ago. After a while and after I was going through a personal change in my life, I stumbled across craniosacral therapy, who I took my son for about 3 to 4 years to get rid of his traumatic birth and the fact that he constantly had a cold that would end up in a lung infection. Even with the homeopathic remedies and the nutritional vitamin C, which helped a lot, I thought there must be something else that I can do, hence craniosacral therapy came up for him. After about 5 years of thinking I would like to learn this, I decided to go for it. It was an amazing experience, with the ups and downs of it, especially when you start healing yourself, all the emotions and trauma came up. At the exact same time I was put on the healing path. The craniosacral therapy and the healing path came hand in hand, and with that I could not separate the two. Usually for CST therapist it comes after years of practicing or they already have the healing experience or courses that they have done. With me was together. That was and is one of my most transformative time of all my life! I then decided to take a Ptlls for teaching what I knew and I am teaching now what I know to whoever wants to listen. After 5 years of working and combining nutrition, craniosacral/healing and NAET method for over reactions, I stumble upon the Neuro-linguistic programming course. Again, this was something that I knew nothing about, till I decided to do a course online about 6 years ago now, and I got excited about it as well. As life was challenging a bit, due to my own transformation, healing and ancestors healing as well, it took me a while to decide to do the face-to-face NLP course. Even though I had been using the positive way of thinking for the past 6 years. This year, in December 2019, before all this happened, I decided to do the course with Toby & Kate company. I loved their energy and hence decided to go for it. I managed to do the face to face one just before the 1st lock down in March 2020. That was again another transformation at the neurological level and deep unconscious level. I now combine in my practice all of my skills. Also, during the lockdown, I decided to have a certificate for the healing part of my sessions, which I use with everything that I do. This with Kyle Gray, so I am now also a Certified Angel Guide, which I am anyway and I am sure I did not need the certificate, it is only for people who wants to know really. Here we are, this is my journey in who I am as a therapist almost 30 years later. Looking back, I can see how fate, got into every single way of my path. This year for some reason, it was a bit harder for a while. Now I need to trust that something is coming for me, as well as others, that will be positive, with the new era and the new changes in this life! let’s embrace the new year, as well as honour this year, even with its darkness, sadness, anger, fear, frustration and insecurity that all brought about, as this might have been things that needed to be address, so that many people who did not care before, they started to care, and many people who were asleep before, started to wake up to making choices for their greatest good, for themselves and others! Blessing to all from the Lights and Ariami Marpisa Best wishes for 2021

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The Light I talked to

Wax Picture 4.12.20 on channelling session

I always get excited when I finish any of my clients sessions and I see a picture formed by the wax of the candle that I have on. This one was during the Light channelling in December. However you look at it, either standing hence the Light is on, turned a bit towards the right, which meant the right side of the body needed help, and with big grounding energetic feet, to keep myself and Rose grounded. You could also see it from the feet, horizontally, as me being the therapist, having a lot of White Light on my Right side helping through and as this was an online session, my Light, with Rose Light was outstretching and very tall, or even going all the way from me to there! Amazing and wonderful at the same time

© Ariami Marpisa- Beyond Science I, II & III and “where the heart is”

Free grounding and healing meditation

Grounding meditation, connection to your heart and anchoring of safety, inner strength and talking about the Beyond Science book and the Lights I talked to

Free webinar on the 21st of December 2020 at 15pm London time for 1 hour via zoom link.

  • Any questions regarding the Lights in the book and who what you can do
  • Healing and clearing meditation with the Lights presence (royal blue, green Emerald, White Light, yellow and golden light, rainbow lights, magenta, orange, red earth light and more).
  • Grounding meditation and tips for grounding and connection to your own soul and guide.
  • You need to have read at least one of the books from the “beyond Science” Books by Ariami Marpisa
  • In order to anchor the grounding, inner strength and calm, you need to choose where you would like to anchor the emotional state, that you can fire when needed, such as a song you feel connected to, or touching one of one of your knuckles, thumb, wrist, earlobes, or anything else that can be easily access to anywhere you are.
  • Check how grounded you usually are by giving a number from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most grounded.
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Listen to the 5 minutes meditation

5 minutes meditation

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