21.12.20 Grounding and Healing audio

Just as we have approached the 21.12.20 when Saturn and Jupiter get so close together that resemble a unique star. This is thought to be the Star of Bethlem that the three wise man followed to get to Master Jesus birth. I hope that you enjoy the free audio meditation and you can listen to them everyday from now on. I wish everyone the best beginning of 2021 and if anything end and start your 2021 with connecting to your heart with any decisions that you make.

Below the grounding meditation for you to download and listen from the 21.12.20

Grounding meditation

Below is the audio for the Lights healing and clearing from the 21.12.20

Waterfall of Lights meditation for clearing and healing

Best wishes to all! from Ariami Marpisa and the Lights who are within you and around you at all times, remember to ask for help when in need for anything that needs help and only for you highest good and the highest good of others!

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What is your path for the new year?

In the last session, I was reminded of FATE, that you need to have faith in fate as well as doing your own work. Quite often FATE is what takes you to another level. In a journey that you have not thought would be possible. And patience is what you need when you allow FATE to take place!

I was reminded of how I became a therapist and that 29 years ago, when I started my journey on the therapist path, I did not even question where I was going somethings, I just followed what I felt I knew I had to do. Here is my journey as a therapist, and for many reasons, like anybody else, this year, I was doubted that FATE would bring me into the next step in my journey. Myself and Rose were reminded of that in early December 2020, in our channelling session. FATE and FAITH in the Universal Lights, GOD, infinite Source, Buddha and all the creed that you would like to add, that are of pure Light essence and of the higher frequency. I know that many are waiting for the 21.12.20 where Saturn and Jupiter will be in conjunction with each other, and that is believed to be the Star of Bethlem, which is the STAR that the wise men followed to get to Baby Jesus birth. I know that on that day, a lot of more Lights and connection will be at its highest. Connect only to the purest and brightest Star, and add a sphere of protection with a Royal Blue Ribbon around the sphere, from Archangel Michael for your own protection! Ground to the earth and the 5th dimension afterwards and connect to the beautiful things that life can bring!

Here is my journey to now with fate bringing its magic into my path:

When I started about 29 years ago in my journey as a therapist, I did know where I was going! All the courses that I did, came to me easily, without much effort. I studied and become and Sport Massage therapist first. Then my Nutritional Degree course was planned by the Universal forces in some way, I got in and I still do not remember how I got to know where interviews for the complementary therapy at University of Westminster were held. Somebody told me. I was going to do the physical complementary course, and instead the Nutritional Therapy course started instead and I got on that course. I loved it, as I grew up in an Italian countryside, the thought of suggesting people to eat healthy so that they would get better would exit me and bring pride as well. After about few years I was encountering a lot of people with allergies and even though avoiding them was the only solution at that time, I was thinking there must be another way. I did a homeopathic course then, and even though it was a great help, I felt it was not enough. Then a client of mine mentioned NAET method to reduce or even eliminate some of the body system over reaction. I looked into it and I thought, that is great, I want to do this. I used NAET method on many people, including babies and children, for the overreaction to food and hay fever and the results were amazing, according to my client’s response and feedback. That was more than 14 years ago. After a while and after I was going through a personal change in my life, I stumbled across craniosacral therapy, who I took my son for about 3 to 4 years to get rid of his traumatic birth and the fact that he constantly had a cold that would end up in a lung infection. Even with the homeopathic remedies and the nutritional vitamin C, which helped a lot, I thought there must be something else that I can do, hence craniosacral therapy came up for him. After about 5 years of thinking I would like to learn this, I decided to go for it. It was an amazing experience, with the ups and downs of it, especially when you start healing yourself, all the emotions and trauma came up. At the exact same time I was put on the healing path. The craniosacral therapy and the healing path came hand in hand, and with that I could not separate the two. Usually for CST therapist it comes after years of practicing or they already have the healing experience or courses that they have done. With me was together. That was and is one of my most transformative time of all my life! I then decided to take a Ptlls for teaching what I knew and I am teaching now what I know to whoever wants to listen. After 5 years of working and combining nutrition, craniosacral/healing and NAET method for over reactions, I stumble upon the Neuro-linguistic programming course. Again, this was something that I knew nothing about, till I decided to do a course online about 6 years ago now, and I got excited about it as well. As life was challenging a bit, due to my own transformation, healing and ancestors healing as well, it took me a while to decide to do the face-to-face NLP course. Even though I had been using the positive way of thinking for the past 6 years. This year, in December 2019, before all this happened, I decided to do the course with Toby & Kate company. I loved their energy and hence decided to go for it. I managed to do the face to face one just before the 1st lock down in March 2020. That was again another transformation at the neurological level and deep unconscious level. I now combine in my practice all of my skills. Also, during the lockdown, I decided to have a certificate for the healing part of my sessions, which I use with everything that I do. This with Kyle Gray, so I am now also a Certified Angel Guide, which I am anyway and I am sure I did not need the certificate, it is only for people who wants to know really. Here we are, this is my journey in who I am as a therapist almost 30 years later. Looking back, I can see how fate, got into every single way of my path. This year for some reason, it was a bit harder for a while. Now I need to trust that something is coming for me, as well as others, that will be positive, with the new era and the new changes in this life! let’s embrace the new year, as well as honour this year, even with its darkness, sadness, anger, fear, frustration and insecurity that all brought about, as this might have been things that needed to be address, so that many people who did not care before, they started to care, and many people who were asleep before, started to wake up to making choices for their greatest good, for themselves and others! Blessing to all from the Lights and Ariami Marpisa Best wishes for 2021

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The Light I talked to

Wax Picture 4.12.20 on channelling session

I always get excited when I finish any of my clients sessions and I see a picture formed by the wax of the candle that I have on. This one was during the Light channelling in December. However you look at it, either standing hence the Light is on, turned a bit towards the right, which meant the right side of the body needed help, and with big grounding energetic feet, to keep myself and Rose grounded. You could also see it from the feet, horizontally, as me being the therapist, having a lot of White Light on my Right side helping through and as this was an online session, my Light, with Rose Light was outstretching and very tall, or even going all the way from me to there! Amazing and wonderful at the same time

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Free grounding and healing meditation

Grounding meditation, connection to your heart and anchoring of safety, inner strength and talking about the Beyond Science book and the Lights I talked to

Free webinar on the 21st of December 2020 at 15pm London time for 1 hour via zoom link.

  • Any questions regarding the Lights in the book and who what you can do
  • Healing and clearing meditation with the Lights presence (royal blue, green Emerald, White Light, yellow and golden light, rainbow lights, magenta, orange, red earth light and more).
  • Grounding meditation and tips for grounding and connection to your own soul and guide.
  • You need to have read at least one of the books from the “beyond Science” Books by Ariami Marpisa
  • In order to anchor the grounding, inner strength and calm, you need to choose where you would like to anchor the emotional state, that you can fire when needed, such as a song you feel connected to, or touching one of one of your knuckles, thumb, wrist, earlobes, or anything else that can be easily access to anywhere you are.
  • Check how grounded you usually are by giving a number from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most grounded.
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Listen to the 5 minutes meditation

5 minutes meditation

Beyond Science II and III book reading videos

Beyond Science II, healing ourselves, healing our children, healing our world reading of page 134

Beyond Science III, the Lights I talked to

Reading from pg 158, Rigid roots, and what you can do about it!

Beyond Science I, 2nd ed

Reading from Beyond Science I, 2nd ed. Pg 134

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Body and soul integration is the way foward

My awareness for the past 10 years:

double rainbow 2nd November 2020
  • As humans we are a combination of our soul/higher self and the physical body, where we can experience life, with the ups and down, with the full range of emotions, from anger to joy and happiness, the freedom of choice, the consequences of our own choices, whatever they may be. Emotional inappropriate FEAR is one of our biggest enemy. Something that we still carry from our ancestors and is in our DNA.
  • The full integration of the soul, with the massive universal knowledge and the conscious intelligence of our human body and brain right now, in this age and time.
  • It is the combination of both the soul and the human body, that makes us special, integrated and working for the highest good of ourselves and others. It is not just the human right, or the soul right, we do not work for one or the other, we work together as “ONE”, when we do that, than we can connect with our hearts and the hearts of our fellow human and souls, without dragging each other down or be taking advantage of one power over another. We will be connected with the infinite source and hence our life on earth will be on a level that has never been before. With our inner peace and our inner knowledge.
  • With this year, like any other years in the past, there will be an imprint of good or bad, what ever it was that you choose to do this year.
  • My awareness is that the imprint, will be passed on for some, from the DNA to the next generation, where they need to deal with that and clear it.
  • We are still carrying the imprint of our grand-parents and parents from the past world wars, and this year from the universal help, they are coming down to help and ask for help to be cleared before their next life.
  • Our soul, for some will have an imprint of the good things that we have learned as human in this life, so that the next one, will be on a higher note and frequency of knowledge and awareness.
  • It will take at least few more generations to deal with the old past, and few more new presidents and prime ministers, and leaders to make the earth a better place to live and be proud of living on it. There are energy and Lights coming from all over the Universe to help us, from alternate reality world and high up, as Masters like Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, and all the other beautiful Golden, Silver, rainbow Lights helping, including the Wild Life animal energy, the Fairies, and many more that I am not aware of.
  • They are all helping, which is an amazing and wonderful concept to know. Humans choices will be different now, as we enter a world of justice, integrity and fairness, with an abundance of Love from the infinite source of Beings. November 6th 2020

Being grounded, integrated and anchored to the 5th dimension, will bring your to where we are all going. Dealing with the negative emotions and filling our mind with the positive ones are a way for us humans to get integrated and working together with our soul.

For the once that are ready, and the ones that are not, try to see how it feels to be grounded and to clear the toxic energy of what is going on right now.

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You can heal your life with the rainbow Lights and more

The last message in September the Lights talked about rigid roots from the house. The solution was given by the Lights help, to send help for the roots of the house and people, to be more flexible, like the willow tree. You can read the message in my 3rd book “Beyond Science III”, together with other wonderful messages:

There is a very rigid base (roots) in this house, it is like rigid mind, rigid bases. Rigid roots, extremely.” I asked if energetically it was possible to build something over it or around it, so that it would become more flexible. Was that possible? The Light continued: “A tree, a willow tree that is more flexible and can move. They can walk, they can wake up, they can smile, they can breathe the air. Here there is not much.”  I asked to open up to the outside world, there are lots of trees outside, mountains, lots of life in nature, and hence breathe in that pure air, in the house, and underneath, was that possible? I asked again. The answer was: “They will find a way to heal this house, They will.

Three books are so essential to understand that what we feel inside and what we experiences is what we have in our present world. Healing ourselves and understanding who we have that can help us to receive the help is essential for our healing! The books talk about lost souls, travelling souls who are out of their bodies, ancestors souls who connect to us, and are helping very much now, Master Jesus, Mother Mary and more that helped during our healing and are still helping very much now in this time of grief and changes. The three books are also a connections to the Lights in an energetic way.

Once you read one you can attend the talk by signing up for the grounding and healing webinars and ask questions about the Lights! click here to book for your place!

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The wisdom of the White Lights

In the last channelling sessions, the Light talked about roots, and how our own family roots can affect us, or the new generations. The old way of being and living was very rigid for many people. There was not flexibility, and mainly our parents and grandparents were concerned with surviving and being the best they could be with the resources that they had. The best things that they knew at that time was, that a man and a woman, in order to survive had to get married, no matter who they were marrying, has long as they would follow the rules. If you were not married, well that was not as good, especially for women. Any person who had their heart closed, as a conseguence of a deceit, death, sorrow, grief or pure hate for themselves and their partner would be even more stricter and rigid with their children. Many women of the past, and in some way now, were very though with the girls in their family. Mainly because they could see that life would be difficult for them. I am so grateful for my mum generation, for paving the way towards equality, in most countries, for women. Now we just need to fight a bit more for proper equality in the world for everyone! The message below is an essential key to understanding our past and learn from them, and also to find a solution for the present and future generation, so that they are going to be more flexible in life and with more equality for all!

And that is why this house does not seem to be a family house anymore. There is just anger and anxiety and fear and madness here. (I asked if we can clear things out and fill it with a lot of love and Light and protect it inside and outside and so that her mum can see love in there, is it possible, is it allowed with the Law of Grace?) In this house I can see babies, coming around and going away. There is a very rigid base (roots) in this house, it is like rigid mind, rigid bases. Rigid roots, extremely. (I asked if energetically was possible to build something over it, or around it, so that it becomes more flexible). A willow tree that is more flexible, and can move. They can walk, they can wake up, they can smile, they can breathe the air. Here there is not so much of it, (I asked to open up to the outside world, there are lots of trees outside, mountains, lots of life in nature, so that the hose could breathe in that, and underneath, if that is possible). They will find a way to heal this house, they will.”

As you can read from the message above, anger, rigidity in a house can do a lot of damage to the people living in it, especially the new generation. The old energy of anger and rigidity, can still linger around for generations, to generations. Can you imagine what a country rigidity and strictness, as well as any type of rigid rules can do to the people living there? Especially the children, who are the most joyous, flexible and loving creature on earth. A baby is full of hope, let’s become a bit like a child and get keep hope for the present situation and the future generation in our heart. I know that hope is here and life will start with that new seed growing stronger and stronger and with the knew flexibility of our own life for many years to come!

© 2020 Copyright Ariami Marpisa author of Beyond Science I, II, III; “Where the heart is”

The key is our heart

Channelled message from the Light September 2020 – Let’s prepare and Hope for future

“In this session, the Light mentioned someone having a lion personality. In the shamanic thoughts, being a Lion, and having a lion heart, means that you are a leader and you have inner strength. In this session, the person that had a lion personality was ok, even though they were facing problems, like everybody else. My mother is the sign of the lion, and she can be, stubborn, as well as having a huge good heart. She was the leader of her time for women living after the 2nd world war, when things were quite low and women still had a lower place in society. In many society, they still do! So bravery is what we have been asked to be this year. And if you read the message below, things are going to be a bit worse than the past months in Europe, and then next year in May/June 2021 will get better again. Remember to open your heart and heal your heart, that seems to be the key for the new era and the new children, where there will be equality, fairness and justice, without deceiving themselves or others to gain something or another!

Here is the message through Rose:

I asked the Light: “Can I ask, seeing that you helped in the past with this, is this life going to get better everywhere in some way, on Earth? Is this pandemic going to be face out? The answer was: “There is a red light here, (anger or it is something else? I asked again), there is so much going on Earth right now. There is so many unbalanced thoughts, anger and discussion and betraying people (false things that are going on, I said). This Light wants to talk to me (Rose said). Here she is bringing me back to the past in London, when I was looking for a flat, for my friend, and there is something in the neighbourhood that I was looking for, a flat for them, and you see that situation, she will be trying to explain something. I do not know what it is. I can see the cemetery there, and London is not going to be devastated for this. London is going to be vibrating again and of course you will, and you will be able to see it. You will be able to see people smiling again. You will, sure 100%. (what about Spain? I asked). Practically is the same way that it was. Just people do not care, they would be ok or okayish. There will be an imprint probably, that is what they choose.  Politician, we talk about them here and there, here and there (not trusting them, the Light here means). It is what they choose and it is what they have. They are going to have Blue Lights, helping. They will at some point. But first before everything, you will see people dying again, you will, and in most of the European country you will. Be careful because in some months it will happen again. Probably nasty fever, be careful, be careful. (need to be cautious still). May, June 2021, next year things are changing, becoming better and nicer. May/June will be better for you all. But Rose might be going to a third world country, together for some researcher there. She should be going to some 3rd country to do some research there, and she will be ok. She needs to be there, it could be India, or Nepal, Philippines or any other country that she will be able to grab new research too, new insights, new visions. She will. There are women there, covered by a veil, and she is going to be ok there.

I feel that the Lights are allowed to say one thing at the time, so that as humans will not be overwhelmed with them. I know from the last bit of message that at some point you can travel everywhere, hence things will get better around the world. Before that though there will be a bit more sadness for people passing on. Be prepared and remember that we are still all connected, there is no blame for this, as flu viruses have been around before. We can say that due to the media now and the great connection between countries that we might have saved many more people. Also remember that for most of us, we need to keep healthy and well, physically and emotionally in order to get through this. Most babies and children and people can fight this easily. I still think that our pure heart and healing our heart is the key to this time and age.

The rest of the message and message will be added in “Beyond Science III”, the Lights I talked to, in 2021

I thanked the Light for her help for this session. I closed down her chakras and put a protection with a golden sphere, royal ribbon around the sphere. Inside the golden sphere I visualized for her a golden star above her head to get some Light within, and only good things, good experiences and Lights can go in, anything needs to bounce out into the universe to be transmuted into unconditional love and healing, where it is most needed. Thank you for all the Lights that helped again with this session.

You can read many other amazing messages, in my 3 books “Beyond Science” and even though we were dealing with Rose life, many of the messages are valid for everyone, especially now. The main things was stress, emotions and feelings and how we deal with that. Emotional Fears and drama, scary movie and all the things that we do to scare ourselves, also play a major key to our positive or negative outlook in life!

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Beyond Science I, II and III Ariami Marpisa

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Beyond Science II, healing ourselves, healing our children, healing our world

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