Emma Stone being pregnant. I dreamt it in advance

On the morning of the 8th 4.19 I dreamt that Emma Stone was pregnant. This was a conversation with probably her soul. I never actually met Emma Stone and she physically never told me that she was pregnant. We must be connected in some way energetically that I do not know. Has today the 26.3.21Continue reading “Emma Stone being pregnant. I dreamt it in advance”

Lucid dreams – astral travelling

Few days ago I had this beautiful astral travelling dream. I was high up in frequency as the dream was all in bright sunny colours. I was healing my friend’s grand daughter, who had a lung infection. While I was treating her, and walking with her in my arms while treating her, we saw aContinue reading “Lucid dreams – astral travelling”

Astra-travelling, how do you know if you do!

I have been astral travelling since the age of 5. I was mainly doing that at night, as during the day, I was grounded by life itself. I did not know that I was doing that, till 10 years ago, when I started my course in cranioscral therapy and I could see myself and otherContinue reading “Astra-travelling, how do you know if you do!”

Breathe through your chakras meditation

Many times the Lights I talked to, reminded us the importance of breathing! Science and the entire world in the past two years are now very conscious of breathing. Especially through mindful breathing. When you breathe consciously, you automatically get into the present time, in the NOW. If you do that few times a day,Continue reading “Breathe through your chakras meditation”

Go with the flow of life!

We have all been through some challenging time this year, some more than others. I know that by May 2021 things will start getting better in Europe and I also know that some other countries might still be through a tough time. We all know that life as we have known till last year forContinue reading “Go with the flow of life!”

Green and White orb

Lately I have been taking more and more pictures, just to connect with nature more. Some of the pictures have amazing orbs. Some have complete green orb, others white orbs and this one, which has been around for a while, green and white orb. The orbs are Light frequency of the Angel or Lights ofContinue reading “Green and White orb”

Gone through the virus and I know I had help for it

I managed to go through the year without catching the virus, I suppose if you do have children is inevitable. I actually wanted to catch it over Christmas if I had to, and guess what? I got my wish true. So watch for what you wish for. Now young people, get it through like aContinue reading “Gone through the virus and I know I had help for it”

21.12.20 Grounding and Healing audio

Just as we have approached the 21.12.20 when Saturn and Jupiter get so close together that resemble a unique star. This is thought to be the Star of Bethlem that the three wise man followed to get to Master Jesus birth. I hope that you enjoy the free audio meditation and you can listen toContinue reading “21.12.20 Grounding and Healing audio”

What is your path for the new year?

In the last session, I was reminded of FATE, that you need to have faith in fate as well as doing your own work. Quite often FATE is what takes you to another level. In a journey that you have not thought would be possible. And patience is what you need when you allow FATEContinue reading “What is your path for the new year?”