Telepathic communication

In some of the past 10 years during some of my sessions with Rose, and they often would mention that the kids she was working with, the autistic described kids, would communicate with her telepathically. At that time, we both found it difficult to understand it. Now after many of the spiritual healers mentioned theContinue reading “Telepathic communication”

Ambassador of transformation energy

In one of the session taken from “Beyond Science II, Healing ourselves, healing our children, healing our World”, Ariami Marpisa: This was a Light of transmutation of negative feelings into new positive ones, here is our exchange of questions and answer from this beautiful Light frequency: “Who are you? Are you one of her GuidesContinue reading “Ambassador of transformation energy”

Beautiful golden Light door past visions

The vision painted above for the book “where the heart is” was one that I had when I was doing the soul expansion course. This was in one of my dreams and the door of entering was Golden Light and Arched. After the meditation by Diana Cooper last night, I now understand that I wasContinue reading “Beautiful golden Light door past visions”

Seeing a metal bar during sessions; what does it mean?

Seven years ago, in one of the sessions, for someone in my family, who was stuck, did not want to do anything and was quite down. My worry for this person was quite high and I could not see what I could do to help them. When I asked Rose to see what was goingContinue reading “Seeing a metal bar during sessions; what does it mean?”

Freezing cold during sessions is healing from the White Lights!

Sentence taken from “Beyond Science II” pg 61. During this session Rose mentioned, like any other of my clients when they are healing the following: “I am very cold, freezing cold. It is black ice. It is really hard. I do not know how to explain how hard this is. I can see a lotContinue reading “Freezing cold during sessions is healing from the White Lights!”

Always be thankful for your life!

This is taken from “Beyond Science I” by Ariami Marpisa. In one of the session the Light mentioned to be grateful for our lives, always, and it is a message for everyone to have. Considering the change of everybody lives since 2020 this is even more essential to understand! “The Light continued “the boy whoContinue reading “Always be thankful for your life!”

Indian Elephants are around to help

I had a dream on the 3rd of June 2021 and I saw from a distance some Elephants on an Island. In my mind I knew they were Indian elephants. The next day I went to Sloane Square and I came across the work of the Nigiri community. Lots of elephants around made from theContinue reading “Indian Elephants are around to help”

Inner peace is something that you need to work on

The following has been taken from “Beyond Science III, the Lights I talked to”: One of the messages from one of the Lights in our session was that Rose had to choose the more balanced person to be with, rather than an unbalanced person: “This was a strong message for Rose that is valid forContinue reading “Inner peace is something that you need to work on”

“Shine on you crazy diamond” by the Pink Floyd

In one of the session in 2018, one of the Angel Lights, mentioned that the pink Floyd reached the frequency of the Rainbow Lights by music. They only mentioned that on the cover there was a rainbow lights and I thought they meant the “dark side of the moon”. I bought the CD as IContinue reading ““Shine on you crazy diamond” by the Pink Floyd”