I was thinking about the past week weather in Europe. In many European Country snowed when usually did not snow, got so cold that people had to rearrange their days. Kids could not go to school. People could not go to work and most of all, birds struggle for food, water and being warm! QuiteContinue reading “NATURE IS STRONGER THAN ANY HUMAN”

How ancient Light communicated

From the last session with Rose, she had an ancient Light, who was protecting her. It felt that She/He was from Egypt. Her hands were held up, like to create a circuit of communication. Her eyes were rolled up at times when the Light was talking. The Light was protecting Rose body, as her soulContinue reading “How ancient Light communicated”

Soul Journey

If you do not know yet, we are all here to heal. Each experience, bad or good, in our lives is an experience that either makes us grow and heal or go down. If we let each and every bad experience in our lives get to us, than we missed out on our growth. ThisContinue reading “Soul Journey”

Earthbound boy called for help, I was astrotravelling

Last night I was agitate but managed to sleep well till 6 .11 then I fell asleep but I astro somewhere. I saw in a house that was not mine but looked like mine, one that the wardrobe door opened by themselves I closed them and they reopen. I was living the experience without seeingContinue reading “Earthbound boy called for help, I was astrotravelling”

Inner child – what can you do if one part is lost

What can you do if part of your inner child is lost because you have disconnected from it in order to survive the shock or trauma that you had as a child? It might be only a certain period of your life, and whenever you try to connect to it you feel drawn to depression,Continue reading “Inner child – what can you do if one part is lost”

Astrotravelling another experience

In my book Beyond Science I have listed some of my astrotravelling experience. This one is a new one. As I have tried hard to stay on Earth even at night and as my soul seems to have a mind of his own and therefore still goes out at night quite often, I had toContinue reading “Astrotravelling another experience”

Jealousy and envy where does it come from?

If you think that you are immune to jealousy and envy because you are a very nice person and you have everything that you need well think again! Even people who have everything can be jealous or envy of somebody else, either their own children (yes that is the case) or their siblings, or friendsContinue reading “Jealousy and envy where does it come from?”

Spirituality comes from within, you cannot force it on somebody else

How can you let go of the past when everyone around you still holds on to it? I have thought about this during the New Year. I have spend time with my family and I can see them as they were a long time ago. Some are changing a little but mostly they are stillContinue reading “Spirituality comes from within, you cannot force it on somebody else”

Beyond Science by Ariami Marpisa

click here to buy the book   This book is about a true story of many sessions between a therapist and a gifted client Rose. As the client was channeling through Lights, people who were astrotravelling through the sessions and many more. The therapist was talking one to one with each energy that channeled through.Continue reading “Beyond Science by Ariami Marpisa”