The key is our heart

Channelled message from the Light September 2020 – Let’s prepare and Hope for future “In this session, the Light mentioned someone having a lion personality. In the shamanic thoughts, being a Lion, and having a lion heart, means that you are a leader and you have inner strength. In this session, the person that hadContinue reading “The key is our heart”

Books from this author/therapist

Beyond Science I, II and III Ariami Marpisa To see and buy any of the books from amazon click here Buy my books either from the publisher Austin Macauley directly by clicking here or by clicking here  © copyright Ariami Marpisa author of Beyond Science I, II & III

Strengthening your immune system – preparing for the winter

The health of the mind is also essential to strengthen the immune system and hence, dealing with the anger, fears and worries of everyday life, in this time and age is essential. Health of the body, how to support it? Eating healthy food that comes from the earth, such as mixed food: Oats/rice or porridgeContinue reading “Strengthening your immune system – preparing for the winter”

Connecting body and soul!

If you would like to know more about this author and therapist click here Breathing awareness meditation click here Diaphragmatic breathing meditation click here Breathing chakras meditation click here click here to buy and read my books “Beyond Science I, II and III and now the Beyond Science III, the Lights I talked to, hasContinue reading “Connecting body and soul!”

Anger, is it ever appropriate? I have been reminded what anger can do to children and adults as well.

I have been reminded from a White Light about anger and what damage can do to children/adults’ heart. The question is, “Is anger ever appropriate?” During this pandemic, there has been a lot of anger coming up. Is anger a bad emotion? Well it depends how that anger is expressed. If it is like theContinue reading “Anger, is it ever appropriate? I have been reminded what anger can do to children and adults as well.”

Messages coming through 2018

Just to write some of the messages that came to me in 2018 when I was writing “where the heart is”: “We are all connecting in some way to this world and others. All the planets in the Universe, all the energy in it. The sun was in a position that could give Earth light,Continue reading “Messages coming through 2018”

Lucid dreams

The past few days I had some vivid dreams. One was about fractions. They showed me clearly lots of round circular clouds with inside the “+” and the “-” signs. I also saw two people competing to do fractions. They also mentioned Brazil. It felt that this dream was about equality and balance in theContinue reading “Lucid dreams”

How things energetically developed in July/August 2020

How things develop for the past month or so. Well after my dream that I saw myself having my feet in the clear sea, I managed to book my trip to Italy to see my family. I saw them, and life there seems to be back to normal, apart for the hand gels in everyContinue reading “How things energetically developed in July/August 2020”

Beyond Science first book second edition printed on the 1st of September 2020

Beyond Science I, published by Zeus-publications sadly the publisher seem to have closed. This book for now is available only by second hand bookshop who had it in store. Very precious and one of the kind. I will print it in amazon kdp from the 1st of September 2020 with little gems. I am thankfulContinue reading “Beyond Science first book second edition printed on the 1st of September 2020”

How can you connect to the healing rainbow Lights?

My journey with Rose 10 years ago was quite extra-ordinary. The reason we had the experience with the Lights is that we allowed them in. We allowed the Lights to be part of the sessions, we trusted each other and the Lights to help us go through our own healing. Some of the things thatContinue reading “How can you connect to the healing rainbow Lights?”