2022 Be free, connect to your inner beauty, be true to yourself and others, connect to the infinite love!

If you want to be really free in 2022, then connect to your inner Beauty, the soul beauty. To be free and obtain freedom, connect to your heart chakras, clear the past, the chain of beliefs and old emotions, empty your heart from all the things that happens around you, let them go. Be trueContinue reading “2022 Be free, connect to your inner beauty, be true to yourself and others, connect to the infinite love!”

Happy New Year 2022 and freedom from the past!

Hope people started to understand that what the Lights mentioned in 2020 regarding that the virus might be around for a while, but also that we need to heal our hearts and our pasts, within, in order to be all healing a well eventually. There is the body and the mind or the Light withinContinue reading “Happy New Year 2022 and freedom from the past!”

Breath of Life cycle

In one of the sessions with Rose, being lucky meant that your thoughts were positive at all times. The White Light plaster that was putting a white Light on us or on Rose bones, explained that only few people would get it, as it is hard to say no to things. Only when you sayContinue reading “Breath of Life cycle”

When you close your heart, you close your life for everything positive to come

In the last session, the Light reminded Rose, but valid for everyone, including me in some way, that when we close our heart, then we close our heart to everything else. The Light said: “Rose Needs to open her heart and not closing herself to a person and everything. This is not the way. AsContinue reading “When you close your heart, you close your life for everything positive to come”

Pureness of the heart – Emptiness meaning

Taken from the last session in November 2021. Something that is valid for everyone who is an empath, and or is a Therapist or in healing of any kind. “ The guy is talking about emptiness, and you Ariami should think about emptying. Emptiness is not about a bad thing. Empty yourselves. This guy isContinue reading “Pureness of the heart – Emptiness meaning”

Clearing old thing out still from the past

It seems that the clearing of old patterns from the ancestors lineage is still going on, including my old past in this life. There is always something or another to heal. I know that for most of the humans and places on earth, the clearing is massive and keeps going on daily. As humans weContinue reading “Clearing old thing out still from the past”

Telepathic communication

In some of the past 10 years during some of my sessions with Rose, and they often would mention that the kids she was working with, the autistic described kids, would communicate with her telepathically. At that time, we both found it difficult to understand it. Now after many of the spiritual healers mentioned theContinue reading “Telepathic communication”

Ambassador of transformation energy

In one of the session taken from “Beyond Science II, Healing ourselves, healing our children, healing our World”, Ariami Marpisa: This was a Light of transmutation of negative feelings into new positive ones, here is our exchange of questions and answer from this beautiful Light frequency: “Who are you? Are you one of her GuidesContinue reading “Ambassador of transformation energy”