Academic background and Therapist Experience:

She received a BSc (Hons) in Health Science: Nutritional Therapy from the University of Westminster (2001) and is a member of the British Association of Nutritional Therapists (BANT) and CNHC (Complementary and Natural health Council), hence a Registered Nutritional Therapist

She has also a Dip. A.E.T. (diploma in Identification and treatment of allergic disorders). NAET diplomas, (2006).

She is a qualified and Registered Craniosacral Therapist (2011). She has worked as Nutritional Therapist Consultant in various clinic since 2001. She worked with people from eating disorders and disorder eating since 2001. Neuro linguistic programming certificate 2020. Angel Guide certificate 2020.

She works with Babies, children and parents through craniosacral therapy to balance their system after the birth trauma or after an illness. works in She has is the author of five books, “Beyond Science I, II and III” which is the true story of channelling Lights (Angels, souls, Masters, Spiritual Animals and more). Where the heart is, which is her way of going back in time to see the reason she chose her past relationship. Her soul expansion journey is also in there.

And other nutritional books and course.

She has done courses for Cognitive behaviour therapy. She has a Neuro linguistic programming Practitioner certificate. She has many years of experience and knowledge from the physical, mental and emotional issues.

She has attended and continue to attend cranio-sacral therapy babies and pregnancy workshops for her annual CPD, as well as Nutritional Workshops and Seminars and her own nutritional and CST research to keep herself up to date with new discovery and scientific proofs as well as opening her mind to non scientific experiences. Attended the non violent- communication workshops, and few life coaching workshops for personal and professional knowledge.

She has attended many Healing Workshops to increase her knowledge to a higher level of awareness, which added to her already extensive academic knowledge gives a broader set of tools for the person/baby and child to heal their entire system.

She now  runs workshops for CST Therapists and all Therapists to help them reach their full healing potential.

Now she also started to run workshops on line for the public, for grounding, clearing and anchoring positive emotions. Heaven and Earth connection

R-Nutritional therapist – NAET – R-Craniosacral therapist- NLP practitioner – Certified Angel Guide

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