When our future is written and we follow it with love!

Myself and Rose are the proof in some way that we are all connected. Some souls are more connected to others. I mentioned in my 2nd and 3rd book that the Lights told us that we both are connected to other people with a temple between Malaga and Granada. A Tibetan temple. That was 3 years ago, before the pandemic started. We did not think that we would be able to do any of that 2 years ago.

Few weeks ago, at the same time, we both decided we wanted to go to Malaga and see the temple. I booked the flight and I texted Rose to see if she wanted to meet me there and go and see the temple. She could not believe it, as she mentioned to me that she was going to book a time in Malaga for the same reason to go and see the temple. We managed to go and meet in Malaga.

I think we had to go together there, as the temple is on the top of a mountains and was one hour from Granada and one hour from Malaga. The only way was by car, for the time that we had, walking would take us too long and we would still need a car.

Till last year, I have been terrified to go up a mountain driving. I did some NLP for phobias with someone last year.

Driving there, was all bends, at least an hour getting there. The last 4 km driving up there was small earth road.

I was very thankful that no cars were coming down, as I would be frozen and more terrified that I was. The last 2 km, I froze for 5 minutes as I could not go up or down. Then I remember the Light saying that we would be up there and we were together up there with the beautiful Lights and particularly the Pink Lady Light for finding true love and infinite love!

driving up to O Se Ling, Sierra Nevada mountains with snow

I thought to myself, if they said we would be up there, it means we are going to be ok driving up there. I did start driving again, but towards the wall and the other side of the driving road, hence, very thankful that no cars came down. I parked a bit below the temple as the last bit was even more challenging and I reached my limit.

Top of the mountain of the O Se Ling Tibetan Temple Granada

We walked up there and we managed to see the entrance, the prayer wheel, the Stupa, the Green Tara and the medicine buddha, as well as the Painting of the Buddha on the rock above us, which I think we were not supposed to see in our tourn but we managed to.

When we went up to follow the path for the Green Tara a big think fog came down, and we just about managed to take two picture before we could just about see half a meter in front of us. We felt it was a protective fog. I could hear other people being up there, but we could not see them. Thanks to the pile of stone that paved the path, we managed to go down again safely.

The Stupa Granada Tibetan Temple

We decide to take another bigger path and maybe we should not seen that part. Behind some of the huts, the fog suddenly went and we managed to see the painting on the mountain rock. It was so quick that it was definitely a sign for us to see.

Fog started to form around us

I know that we were connected up to the Green Tara, which I think is a Pink Lady Light with lots of infinite love, and the TRUE love.

Green Tara O Se Ling Tibetan Temple Granada

If you can manage to do workshop in an organized way and I suppose a retreat if you already do mindfulness, well it is worth it! That amazing love is definitely there in these mountains. The peace is amazing. You do need to be ok being alone, as some of the huts are simple and no internet or phones or any of the modern life is there, so make sure you have support, emotional and mental to go up there.

Painting on the rocks. O Se Ling Tibetan Temple Granada/Malaga

If you want to visit, well try an organized walk up there or if you are ok with driving in a small earth road do go with somebody that can support that too.

Myself and Rose were definitely meant to be there together and Rose calmness being up the mountain was reassuring!

The next day we also saw the mother Mary of Andalucia, this is the Hope one. This one had been seen by Rose in 2018 before she moved back to Spain.

Mother Mary of Andalucia “Hope”

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© Ariami Marpisa author of “Beyond Science I, II & III”, and “Where the heart is” find them on amazon and Austin Macauley publishing books for the second one.

Published by Ariami Marpisa

I have been a complementary therapist for the past 26 years and only for the past 6 years I have discovered and embraced healing into my practice. I have seen and felt the healing power of the Lights for my clients and myself. We all on Earth to have the human experience and knowing that if we are in trouble and need help, the Lights will help if we ask is an amazing awareness. Everything happens for a reasons, and sometimes things do not happen as we wanted, sometimes lives are not saved because it is time for the soul to move forward and sometimes lives could be saved if choose to ask for help. I have tape recorded sessions with my very gifted client medium who is not ready to embrace her gift fully to help others on Earth yet, she still helping children though and children are helping her to remember who she is! My book Beyond Science by Ariami Marpisa that you can find on amazon is a transcript account of the sessions and me talking to the Lights directly through my client. It is also a collections of some of my astrotravelling dreams. Worth opening up your mind and eyes to be present and live the life that you are meant to live!

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