Things are changing for ever!

The world has changed forever and while humanity is healing, the world is healing with it. I know that the earth is going up in its frequency, and so are we. We are having so much chaotic time and hard time, as we are jumping two dimension in a very fast pace. The 4th dimension is the expansion of our heart, and that should have taken at least 50 to 75 years about or even more, and then the 5th dimension where we are going should have taken another 50 years about.

Now for some reason, our earth has jumped that timing and we are fast forwarding to the new Golden Age in about 30 years, instead of another 100 years.

© Ariami Marpisa

That is a big shock for the human mind and brain, and hence, there are a lot of changes very fast that for the majority of humans are overwhelming. Hence all the changes that are occuring, negative or positive are part of that fast forward move!

Remember that if it is too much for you, to ask for help, it is your right to do so and your choice. You an ask help down on earth with therapists, healers and more or you can ask the Angels, and Lights, and God or your own Spiritual Masters, such as Buddha and others. You will get the help, even from the animal spirit.

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© copyright Ariami Marpisa author of Beyond Science I, II & III, and “where the heart is”

Published by Ariami Marpisa

I have been a complementary therapist for the past 26 years and only for the past 6 years I have discovered and embraced healing into my practice. I have seen and felt the healing power of the Lights for my clients and myself. We all on Earth to have the human experience and knowing that if we are in trouble and need help, the Lights will help if we ask is an amazing awareness. Everything happens for a reasons, and sometimes things do not happen as we wanted, sometimes lives are not saved because it is time for the soul to move forward and sometimes lives could be saved if choose to ask for help. I have tape recorded sessions with my very gifted client medium who is not ready to embrace her gift fully to help others on Earth yet, she still helping children though and children are helping her to remember who she is! My book Beyond Science by Ariami Marpisa that you can find on amazon is a transcript account of the sessions and me talking to the Lights directly through my client. It is also a collections of some of my astrotravelling dreams. Worth opening up your mind and eyes to be present and live the life that you are meant to live!

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