Why and how things changed since the 24th of May in the world?

I went through the message of the 23.3.20 from the Lights and I was trying to understand all the meaning of it. I understood that from the 24th of May things did change in Spain, they started to reopen many things, that includes Italy as well. Then I looked all around the world what was happening and how much anger there was and still is around the world. Well I got the intuition that the reason why the Light could not give me an answer of what was that would change and start the move. On the 25th of May in America, a underserved death happen. That was the last drop for many people and the entire humanity. Humanity started to wake up, even the ones that did not care, they now did. The 5th chakra, the throat chakra is about speaking out the truth, to yourself and others. And many people decided to start voicing their truth. What has happened that many people started to see the other person view, without the barrier or the perception that the other people are different.

What the Light said and I think They wanted to say, and they could not, is that we need to acknowledge the humanity in all of us, no matters the colour religion or any other difference that we think we have. We need to work together to get to a point that we will be all one, working for the best of humanity. There are lots of injustice around the world, for some reason or another. Injustice within all humans that will take at least few generation to clear. I know that the world is going up to the 5th dimension, and in order for everyone to be up there, any injustice that we feel has been done to us, needs to be dealt with peace, compassion, kindness and fairness. Anything else that would cause still more injustice for somebody else, more violence and more unfair death, would drag on the old world. Which it means for a while some people will be stuck in the old world and way of thinking and others will be up into the new world. There as long as you are human, and connected to your own heart, with plenty of unconditional love, compassion and kindness towards yourself and others, nothing else matters.

Right now there is a lot of anger and wanted to shout and shout, under that anger, there is a lot of sadness and fear of what has happened. This is normal as a human we have been shook quite hard, for many people loosing their loved ones without saying goodbye properly or mourning peacefully for them, as in the case of Rose grandmother who did channel through Rose on the 23.4.20 to say goodbye. Others started to look at all the injustice in the world and make it one all big painful experience. This is also a way to mourn the loss of something or another. This is a reason when teenagers shout at everyone, not all, many do, to state their voice, to be heard, to tell their adults parents that they count and they are old enough to have a say. As long as they do that without hurting themselves and others, that is a good thing. Remember we all went through a massive earthquake, and the shaking is still resonating with us an within us. Even for the ones that now start working face to face again, there is a massive frustration and anger about all that we need to implement in our therapy room and on ourselves that make us question “Is it worth it?” Then you start having enquire of when you reopen, when can you start helping them, as they are struggling and want some help, and you start remembering why you become what you wanted to become, to help others to heal themselves and move on in life.

I wish everyone out there to read the 3 books below as the knowledge and awareness that you get is beyond your wildest expectation. When I wrote the first book, I was wondering if anyone would ever get it. I hope that now more people will get it.

We are not alone, ever, there are lots of good energetic Being out there waiting to help you, everyone of you for positive things to get, for you and others. You can call them, Angel, Lights, Masters being of the past such as Jesus, Buddha and more. Parts of our soul travel around if we cannot deal with life itself and especially negative emotions, feelings and events. This means that as a person you are ungrounded and it is impossible for you to do things that you are meant to do, with the help of your soul past lives knowledge and awareness. This means that you get more anxious, anger, sad, lost, unhappy and down.

If you have not read part of the message from the Light through Rose channelling click here to read it. The full message from now on will be only on my 3rd book.

More things to come, waiting to see what happens from the 24th of May 2020 onwards.

More understanding of the Lights and their messages in my three books below. Do share the messages and read the books as they will change your awareness of life for ever, in the most positive way.

Beyond Science III. The Lights I talked to” by Ariami Marpisa © 2020

My 3rd book has been published on amazon only for now and unedited for a limited time only, as the 3rd book makes more sense now than ever.

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© copyright Ariami Marpisa author of Beyond Science I, Beyond Science II, and III

Published by Ariami Marpisa

I have been a complementary therapist for the past 26 years and only for the past 6 years I have discovered and embraced healing into my practice. I have seen and felt the healing power of the Lights for my clients and myself. We all on Earth to have the human experience and knowing that if we are in trouble and need help, the Lights will help if we ask is an amazing awareness. Everything happens for a reasons, and sometimes things do not happen as we wanted, sometimes lives are not saved because it is time for the soul to move forward and sometimes lives could be saved if choose to ask for help. I have tape recorded sessions with my very gifted client medium who is not ready to embrace her gift fully to help others on Earth yet, she still helping children though and children are helping her to remember who she is! My book Beyond Science by Ariami Marpisa that you can find on amazon is a transcript account of the sessions and me talking to the Lights directly through my client. It is also a collections of some of my astrotravelling dreams. Worth opening up your mind and eyes to be present and live the life that you are meant to live!

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