Unconditional Love within us and children of the future

As I work with children and having had a child on my own, I am quite often reminded of which books are good for kids and what films. I often hear that the Walt Disney ones are quite scary sometimes, mainly because in all of them, there is some darkness in some way, some sad things that happens, such as the mother or the father dies and the child grows up much more mature and intuitive than any other child. I know that Walt Disney grew up during and after the wars and he himself got depressed at some point. Hence, he wanted to bring some happiness into people’s life with cartoons or films, while reminding them about the sadness of life itself. Giving the good people a great ending and having the good and positive people connect with their unconditional love and love no matter what happens to them. Walt Disney himself, did a brilliant job and I just wonder if now is time to still acknowledge life itself but at the same time see the good and positive things in all life. Seeing life from a different view, maybe think of it as if something sad happens, that maybe that was something that had to happen, that person was ready to move on to a higher frequency or maybe the child who lost something had to learn life in that way in order for them to grow how they needed to grow, and be aware of what they will be aware of in their lives meeting still lots of wonderful people on earth during their journey. Maybe if people start seeing themselves as whole and unconditionally loved, no matter if they reached their full potential on Earth or not, they would see themselves as worth being loved still and accepting love from others.

What if, we start teaching the children of the future that no matter what, they are fully loved unconditionally always, even if they did not feel it from their parents or people surrounding them. Maybe if all of us know how much love is out there, nobody will feel that they are unworthy. Maybe the earth itself and the people on it will have so much love that everybody will be happy enough that any low frequency feelings such as jealousy, envy and anger, shame, guilt and more, will disappear all together, which means everybody will be happy within and do what they are meant to do on earth.

Rember, there is an infinite source of Love out there for each and every one of us from the Lights. They are there and waiting for you to ask for that unconditional love or help from them, and They will be amazingly happy to share that love with every one of us on Earth. They are out there in waiting.

After the last two World Wars, there was a lot of darkness obstructing that connection. Now it is time to reconnect and trust that it is there and that you see it or not, that you feel it or not, it is there.

Just trust in life itself and that your own beautiful Soul has a big bright Light and is full of love, which is yours and nobody can take that from you. That Light is connected to the unconditional love of the Lights, Guardian Angels, Guides and Source, God and their own beautiful Soul, and again, nobody can take that away from you.

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© copyright Ariami Marpisa author of Beyond Science I and II


Published by Ariami Marpisa

I have been a complementary therapist for the past 26 years and only for the past 6 years I have discovered and embraced healing into my practice. I have seen and felt the healing power of the Lights for my clients and myself. We all on Earth to have the human experience and knowing that if we are in trouble and need help, the Lights will help if we ask is an amazing awareness. Everything happens for a reasons, and sometimes things do not happen as we wanted, sometimes lives are not saved because it is time for the soul to move forward and sometimes lives could be saved if choose to ask for help. I have tape recorded sessions with my very gifted client medium who is not ready to embrace her gift fully to help others on Earth yet, she still helping children though and children are helping her to remember who she is! My book Beyond Science by Ariami Marpisa that you can find on amazon is a transcript account of the sessions and me talking to the Lights directly through my client. It is also a collections of some of my astrotravelling dreams. Worth opening up your mind and eyes to be present and live the life that you are meant to live!

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