What kind of Light are you?

Yesterday one of the first light that came through was an ancient Light. She helped 4 years ago with my son problem. She said that she was my grand mum. She said to remember when I was playing near the river. I thought that she was talking about my mother, but it was me, my mother never played near a river as a child. I did not remember the river at first, but I remembered afterwards that I played with one of my friends at her land, and I used to love playing near that river. My friend has also really good memory of that too for herself. Maybe that river was a very good for playing in the outdoor time and connect to nature. My grandmother gave another name, which it means she is now forgotten her earth name here when she lived on this Earth as she is now a Higher frequency ancient Light. I remember from the session before that the Light said that a very White Light would help us both and here she is. My grandma message for us was boundaries with other people as we are very sensitive to negative energy, having the boundaries are essential for us, so that we do not get drag down by other people fears and worries, while we are dealing with our own fears and worries.

Also at the end, my grandma said that she misses me very much. I do not remember her being very affectionate to me as a child even though I lived above her. I asked a bit more about her to my mum and she was saying that my grandmum worked in a factory when she was younger for few years, she had about 8 children, there were no washing machines at her time, she had to do things with her own bare hand, as my mum did when we were children. My grandfather had a back injury so he could not help much even though he carried a cart with a donkey. He was not sitting on it he would lead the donkey. My father was a man so no much help with washing the clothes and cooking and cleaning. My grandma was a woman of few words and I now understand how hard her life must have been, she must have felt very much alone. Even though my grandparents had all their children closed to them, they kept them ok with each other. All their children followed them when they moved, and while they were alive everyone would get along great. As soon as they both passed away a war started between them and there is no love or peace. I think they had that karma from the past. I made sure that the karma does not carry on with us cousins, or with the ones that we still talk anyway. I am also thinking about my grandma being an Ancient Light. Can you imagine having a soul that is an Ancient Light and had to come down to Earth to learn some more of the modern life and having to live with such a hardship?  Her souls might have known that she was much more than what my grandma was and had to deal with. The one great thing about my grandparents was that there was a lot of love and respect for each other. My grandfather adored her and till the end that love was there. My grandfather was very upset when she went to the hospital for an operation and he was not able to see her there, because he did not want to embarrass her with his condition of being bend over for his bad back. I was having an operation near my ear and she died in the same hospital two days after my operation. I kept telling my mother to go and visit her and for the uncles and aunts to go and visit her more often, I do not remember many of her children visiting her that often apart from my mum. Even then I felt more than anybody else, even though I could not explain it to myself and others, I knew something was going to happen. I was around but not in her room when she died, she died alone. She was very much-loved but for one reason or another she died alone. She must have felt that way all her life, or maybe she did not want anyone to be there with her when she died. After talking to her as an Ancient Light during the session, I asked for her forgiveness for taking a 500 lire that fell out of her pocket and lying to her about it. She must have had a lot of money problem and being poor she must have been also more attached to money. The only thing that I can say is that she treated other grandchildren different from us. I think she took my mum and us children for granted for some reason. I am sending her a lot of love for that. As a child I also used to steal money from my father mainly and from my mum. I am apologising to them too. Not sure why I used to do that. I think I felt lonely then too and I used to buy sweet with it and have a feast by myself. Not for a binge eating thing, but I think to maybe sweeten my sadness and sorrow and make myself happy. I had a sweet tooth apparently as a child and I used to eat a lot of sugar by itself and now I am a nutritionist! Go figure, I do like sweet things, but not that much.

Now thinking of my grandma being a Light, made me think of my own Light, I know that I am a green emerald Light, the same Light of Archangel Raphael who is the Light of healing. I know that in my past I was either a healer or a medical doctor. I feel comfortable to be like this. I understand now that coming from my grandma who is an Ancient Light and my grandpa who is an Angel who delivers babies now, that there was already a lot of Light in us. I know that from my father side I took the astro travelling part of it, as his mum was an astro traveller.

What kind of Light are you? The way to know is go within, and see what you like best. Do you like travelling, or painting or the environment or the land, healing, etc. Remember that we all have a Light in us, we just have to tap in and find out what we are made of, which is not only the physical, emotional or mental part but an energetic beautiful Light that is shining within us and wants to work with us throughout this life time.  Just listen to it, it will only give good positive suggestions, never suggestions to hurt ourselves or others. That is not a Light, only good positive things!

© copyright Ariami Marpisa author of Beyond Science

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Published by Ariami Marpisa

I have been a complementary therapist for the past 26 years and only for the past 6 years I have discovered and embraced healing into my practice. I have seen and felt the healing power of the Lights for my clients and myself. We all on Earth to have the human experience and knowing that if we are in trouble and need help, the Lights will help if we ask is an amazing awareness. Everything happens for a reasons, and sometimes things do not happen as we wanted, sometimes lives are not saved because it is time for the soul to move forward and sometimes lives could be saved if choose to ask for help. I have tape recorded sessions with my very gifted client medium who is not ready to embrace her gift fully to help others on Earth yet, she still helping children though and children are helping her to remember who she is! My book Beyond Science by Ariami Marpisa that you can find on amazon is a transcript account of the sessions and me talking to the Lights directly through my client. It is also a collections of some of my astrotravelling dreams. Worth opening up your mind and eyes to be present and live the life that you are meant to live!

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